Custom Build Homes 

By building with sustainable design and local materials as developers we ensure properties will remain desirable and valuable for years to come. This is especially important in the Caribbean's where real estate is a significant is a significant investment for people across the globe. Investing in sustainable luxury properties will future proof properties and ensure that they remain in demand in the long run. 

Changing priorities of  luxury buyers are looking for more than just a status symbol or a luxurious retreat. People want their homes to reflect their values and life styles choices.

People want to align their values and also respond to the ever -lasting threat of global warming and climate change. 


What is Custom Build Homes? 

At Caribbean Properties and Gardens we deliver custom build homes in three basic routes with details that vary depending on the projects. 


DIY - We build the shell home for you with a weathertight structure that is a blank shell on the inside. You buy the shell and fit out the inside by designing and finishing the fit out yourself, or with contractors. This route is suitable for those who really want to get involved and have the time to manage a building project.


Managed -  Working with our developers / builders/ contractors we enable people to design and create homes they love. We build the shell home for you and finish the fit out as well, with customable options. You pick the different finishes from a fixed price menu of different options. We build the house to your spec, style and budget. You pay us for the fully finished home. You move into your custom build Home. 


Sustainable Low Energy Homes - Creating homes that are designed for life. Energy efficient design properties or homes are designs to be energy efficient with features like solar panels, hot water heaters, smart thermostats, and sustainable but suitable lighting these simple features help not only reduce energy consumption but also contribute to lower energy costs for homeowners. 

Eco Friendly materials as developers we seeing a demand for more eco-friendly materials  like reclaimed wood, recycled glass, and natural stone in their designs using recycled materials and sustainable alternative contribute to the reduction of general materials waste and also give the property a unique appearance which has also become a trend.