Information for Landowners 

You may have a great site for housing, it may even have outline or full planning permission, and your thinking about developing it yourself  or maybe selling, but you are not sure where to start and don't want the usual development head ache and huge amount of work. Well you have found the right partner, we can help you deliver serviced plots and new homes.


Our services Include: 

Planning Application 

Site Design 

Development Management 

Construction Finance and sourcing 

Site Sales and Marketing Planning 

Project Management 

Once planning permission is in place, we arrange the servicing of plots by sourcing a main contractor for your project to construct roads and supply power and other utilities we arrange marketing of the site and introduce and manage supplies of modern, energy efficient custom build homes for the plot buyers. 

We can help you with some of the following: 

  • Decide if your site has value to individual homebuyers searching for a serviced plot on which to build their ideal house , within your constraints and those of the planners. 
  • Analyze the best combination of housing to put on your site for an ideal balance of home buyers demand and profit. 
  • Help you get planning to suit the local market.
  • Develop a range of house designs for your site that inspire homebuyers. 
  • Arrange production of all marketing collateral and list your homes and plots on suitable platforms. 
  • Customize designs or even start from scratch for homebuyers with particular ideas in mind. 
  • Arrange submission of detailed planning for each house and get this signed off with building regulations. 
  • Work with contractors for the services to the plots including roads, power, water, lighting and pavements. 
  • Main contractors to supply foundations for each house. 
  • Project manage the house construction by house builder and delivery of keys to each buyer.  


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